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Fear Us Women is the story of a Canadian civilian, Hanna Bohman, who has spent the last three years as a volunteer battling ISIS and liberating women in Syria. Motivated to fight, Hanna joins an all-female Kurdish army, the YPJ, which embraces the ISIS belief that militants killed by women go to Hell. The film follows Hanna as she is smuggled into Syria, trained to be a sniper and thrust into combat on the front line with ISIS. She and her comrades liberate ISIS sex slaves, many whom join the fight to seek revenge. Hanna’s harrowing journey reveals a revolution bigger than the fight against ISIS: a fight for equality and women’s liberation in the Middle East. As her status as a former model spreads to the enemy, Hanna becomes a wanted target. She keeps a last bullet for her suicide if capture is imminent. Fear Us Women is a most intimate look inside the brave female soldiers fighting one of the most dangerous wars on the planet. The film’s title comes from an Arabic tattoo on Hanna’s arm: “Fear us women o’ enemies of humanity, for you who die by our hand will burn in Hell forever.”


Director: David Darg

Producer: Diego Traverso

Executive Producer: Bryn Mooser, Ivana Kirkbride, Alissa Van Volkom, Olivia Wilde, Hayley Pappas

Associate Producers: Molly Swenson, Matt Ippolito, William Horan

Original Score: Morgan Kibby

Camera: David Darg, Hanna Böhman, Diego Traverso

Additional Footage: YPJ Media Center, YPG Press Office, Rony S. Elyas

Editor: David Darg

Art Direction: Erik Buckham, Palaceworks, Smiley Stevens

Sound Mixing Services: Harbor Picture Company

Re-recording Mixer: Grant Elder

Sound Engineer: Avi Laniado

Sound Coordinator:  Kelsea Wigmore

Senior Producer, Sound Post: Gabriela Celi

Digital Intermediate: Harbor Picture Company

Colorist: Erik Choquette

DI Producer: Sheila Lobo

Conform Artist: Christian Fárfan

DI Support Engineer: Jerome Rain

Supervising DI Producer: Kevin Vale

Account Executive: Molle DeBartolo

Motion Graphics: Samuel Tobias

Production Coordinators: Zalala Ali, Katelyn Katz

Special Thanks: YPJ / YPG Media Teams, Luisa Silva, Naomi Darg, Cristobal Traverso, Emilian Traverso